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We have been a little naughty at Pocket Notebooks. Since we launched in Summer 2015 we have remained committed to only supplying pocket sized notebooks. Now this has proven too hard of a commitment to keep and for a limited time only we are launching a Pop-Up shop that we feel will compliment our already excellent products and brands with more excellent products and brands which we believe you are going to love.

Similar to the Notebooks, we want to help introduce new brands and work with brands that are a little bit more difficult to buy here in the UK and Europe.The Pop-Up shop will carry one particular product at a time and once the offer has gone then it will be removed from the Pop-Up. 

We have the wonderful Stationery Community to thank for this. Every passionate blog post, detailed meta review or Twitter / Facebook comment about the lack of a certain product, gives us the motivation and inspiration to source that product for you. 

You can have trust in whatever product we include in the Pop-Up will come with the same level of customer experience, support and cost effectiveness that we are proud to  provide.

Don't worry about our attention and focus on pocket sized notebooks. Pocket Notebooks is is our thing, it's what we do. We'll continue to work with the existing brands such as Field Notes, Word. Notebooks, Calepino etc, and strive to source more excellent notebooks. But you see when you are surrounded by beautiful stationery on a daily basis it's extremely hard to resist :)

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