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Esmie was founded in 2009 by graphic designer Kim Harrup-Brook.  Despite the digital era Kim spent her 3 years at University immersing herself in print making - honing her skills in time-honoured traditions including letterpress printing, etching, silk screen printing and bookbinding - graduating with a first class degree in 2003.

After a year of worldwide travel - drawing inspiration from other cultures - Kim began her career developing products for a traditional bookbinders in the heart of London.  

Over several years she gained invaluable experience creating hand-bound products and social stationery ranges sold in UK/European boutique stores including Liberty of London - as well as working on brand collaborations and on a one-to-one basis designing stationery for private individuals.  

In 2009 Kim decided to pursue her passion for the art of bookbinding, and hand-printing processes by combining time-honoured binding & printing techniques with contemporary design in the creation of ESMIE - Elegant Stationery Made In England.

Since 2009 Esmie has established itself as a luxury stationery brand within the UK and across the world, our products are sold in many stores including the world famous Liberty department store in London through to small hand-picked boutiques.

We hope our obsession with hand-crafted techniques and their inherent beautiful tactile qualities are translated and enjoyed through our products – whether it is through a hand written note to a loved one, or the joy of collating all of your favourite memories in words or photographs.

ESMIE Paperback Notebook
When I came across this company, I was instantly smitten.  These luxurious notebooks are simply gorgeous. They are sold individually in a dizzying array of designs. Handbound single section paperback notebook. Stitched with colour thread. Covered with beautiful hand silk-screen printed paper - designed and produced by hand in specialist studios in Japan. Each...