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Blackwing Pencil Sharpener
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The Blackwing Long point pencil sharpener. Instructions: No, really. Instructions.
Calepino - Portfolios
Portfolio Leather cover and 3 notebooks Calepino and Bleu de Chauffe created PORTFOLIO, a handmade leather cover in which you can insert up to 4 pocket notebooks. The cover includes an elastic binding, so the notebooks become refills that you can change up to your needs. Its natural leather and...
Field Notes Archival Box
ARCHIVAL WOODEN BOX For folks who subscribe to our Quarterly Editions, “completists,” collectors, or anyone who just needs a place to store their Memo Books after they’ve been filled up with good information, we present the Field Notes Archival Wooden Box. Custom-manufactured in Brooklyn, New York from 5-ply cabinet-grade American Birch, each Wooden Archival...
Field Notes Pony Express Leather Pouch
PONY EXPRESS LEATHER POUCH Each Pony Express Leather Pouch is hand-tooled from premium American leather by the fine folks at Tanner Goods of Portland, Oregon. It fits three of our Field Notes memo books perfectly. THE STORY BEHIND THE POUCH As told firsthand, from the blowhole of Field Notes' “Quality Control Officer” Aaron James Draplin:...
Kaweco Mini Piston Converter four Fountain Pens
This clever gadget allows you to use bottled ink in your Kaweco Sport. It is not recommended for the Lilliput. It's an improvement on the squeeze - but be warned. It's a bit fiddly, and you do not get a lot of ink per fill.  I love my bottled ink...
Kaweco Mini Squeeze Converter (for Lilliput Fountain Pens)
This clever gadget allows you to use bottled ink in your Kaweco Lilliput or even Sport. Assuming of course that you find fiddling with little things therapeutic. (Stop sniggering.) This does allow you to use bottled ink in the Lilliput, but you get a tiny fill for a lot of...
Kaweco Pen Cartridges (Packs of 6)
Cartridges for the Kaweco sport line. Ten great colours.
Limited Edition Leather Pocket Notebook Cover - Summer 2017
Mostly, Stuart carries a single pocket notebook in his back pocket. (It's a tough life being Stuart's pocket notebook.) Sometimes however, it's nice to change things up and give a notebook a jacket. There are many excellent manufacturers of notebook covers, and Stuart has some excellent examples from many of...
Nock Brasstown Pen Case
  Nock Brasstown Zip Roll Pen Case for 6 Pens. Simply brilliant. Keeps your pens safe in your bag. The Brasstown is a cross between a pencil case and a pen roll. Six pens have their own slots, which all then roll up and fit into the main case. There's...
Nock DotDash Notecards
An alternative to the Pocket notebook: A pocket notecard A pack of 50 in this case. These 3" x 5" index cards feature the Nock Co Dot Dash pattern - they're almost a squared layout, but the markings are really a dot grid with dashes joining the dots. Dusky blue...
Nock Sinclair Pen Case
The Sinclair is a simple solution for carrying three pens and a 90x140mm notebook, with space for a few extra bits too. Zipped around one end, it's easy to open safely on the move. We have two colour choices. Interior and exterior made from nylon, with 1000D nylon exterior with...
Write Notepads & Co - Pencil Pouch
A nice addition to keep all your "stuff" in one place. We've looked long and hard for a zipper pouch that keeps our pencils and utensils in one neat and tidy closure. In the Write vein, we've convinced America's oldest (originator) producer of secure bank bags to produce a water-resistant pencil pouch for...